How To Compress The Javascript With JS Compression Tool?

Compressing the Javascript with JS Minification tool can be very beneficial, as it offers an array of advantages.
By eliminating all the unnecessary elements, like white spaces, comments, new line characters, etc., it helps in minimizing the size of the source code by up to 80%.

How To Compress the JavaScript using the JS Compression Tool?
It's very easy to use the JS Compression Tool. Simply follow the below given steps to compress your JavaScript:
  1. Copy the JS Code that you want to compress.
  2. Paste the code in the box given in
  3. Press “Compress Now” Button, and get the compressed code. This tool is exceptionally fast, and delivers the compressed code within a few seconds.
Benefits of JS Compression Tool
The JS Compression Tools offer an array of benefits including:
  • The JS Minification tool removes all the unwanted elements from the JavaScript code like comments, white spaces and the new line characters. It is a compression program that works by only keeping the necessary characters in the JS code, which are required for the successful execution and removes everything else from it.

  • It enhances the loading speed of the website and delivers faster loading websites capable of getting loaded even with the smaller bandwidths.

  • Apart from removing unnecessary elements, the variable names are shortened, and are usually replaced by single characters, the JS compression tools deliver extraordinary compression.

  • The “If” statements are optimized, simple constant expressions are calculated, and the arrays are converted into objects wherever possible to achieve unmatched compression.

  • The compression is done very intelligently, so that the functionality of the source code does not get compromised. Moreover, it helps in improving the performance of a website significantly.

With all these benefits, JS minification is something, you must do with your JS code to optimize your website.